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Over the last 2-3 years I’ve really changed my life style in regards to eating clean and workout out. Which is a must considering that I work on my laptop 10+ hours a day.  My goal is to be as strong as possible while at the same time maintaining a high level of cardio fitness. Muscle gain and cardio don’t exactly go together but so far the following plan has really allowed me to put on a significant amount of lean muscle mass while scaling back my cardio but still maintaining.

Below is my current regiment. It is a 12 week plan that incorporates all major muscle groups and includes some great cardio. The best part of my plan is that your weekends are free however I usually try to hit up a body pump / core class over the weekend just to get those finishing touches.


Weeks 1-4

Monday – LIFT Heavy #1 – Chest / Back

Chest & Back

Tuesday – Run HARDER  – Today you have two options either you RUN or SPIN for at least 45 minutes.

Wednesday – Lift HEAVY #2 – Legs & Arms

Legs & Arms Workout


Thursday – Run HARDER  – Today you have two options either you RUN or SPIN for at least 45 minutes.

Friday – Lift HEAVY #3 – Shoulders & ABS

Shoulders & Abs


YOUR DONE! Haha just kidding, thats only weeks 1-4 which I just finished. I actually really enjoyed all the workouts in this set. I will post again once I finish weeks 4-8. Don’t forget you have the weekends off but it would be a great idea to throw in a cardio class such as body pump, go for a run, or if your really sore hit up a YOGA class.

One last thing, always remember for most people (like me) working out is 60% eating and only 40% what you do in the gym.

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  1. Hi

    This use to be my workout a few years ago as well. It was in the mens health magazine. I forgot which edition. If you can recall which edition, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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