The Rise Of RideController

I would have never guessed back in 2012 during the build of my 1930 Model A that I would end up building a product that would fuse my passion for automobiles and technology. Like all things it starts with a small dream, that grows overtime, that dream grew into something that I desired so badly that I spent 6-12 months / 20 hours a week building the first prototype.

Looking back I believe that God had aligned my life, my skill set, my passion to intersect and give birth to what is RideController today.

The initial prototype was built in 2012 using technology that would only run on Android, that demo can be seen here

Later in 2013, after the release of Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, and Apple finally opening up their SDK to allow any developers full stack to the BLE stack, I decided to port the project and complete it using iOS.

After completing both the iPhone & iPad versions, I realized I had to build this into a commercial product and sell it! That’s when I single-handedly built the hardware, logo, brand, and name RideController. That process consumed me October 2013 – January 2014. After launching the product, which I had invested so much time in, I didn’t know how to get it out there for people to see. After 6 brutal months, and commenting on peoples pictures on IG to check out my product. I got my first break. Someone who has influence saw RC and loved it, I gave them a partial discount. From August 2014 with 100 Followers on Instagram to over 18,300 today July 2016 as I type this.

With many new products still in the pipe this is just the beginning. This spring I also put together a couple really great marketing videos showcasing the capabilities of RC. Check them out.

SEMA 2015 – Las Vegas

Spring 2016 – Kansas City – 1930 Model A Ratrod Build

Developer Persona Types

I didn’t always think I had what it took to be a “Developer”.

The main reason for this was because I used to compare myself to others and not against myself. If you tend to do this STOP now. You will forever feel inadequate. There is and always will be someone much better than you at say X skill. This is okay if you have the opportunity,  constantly put yourself around people that are BETTER than you. Just by surrounding yourself with people that know more than you on topics that interest you, you will learn without even trying.

Anyways here is an interesting article about different types of programmers PERSONAS.

Knowing your type of developer persona will help push yourself professionally and will help those around you learn the best projects to place you in.

I def identify with being the Mort Persona “Mort, the opportunistic developer, likes to create quick-working solutions for immediate problems. He focuses on productivity and learns as needed.” because I realize this is how I operate I try to put myself in projects / start projects that push myself just outside my current skill set, so I will continue to develop professionally.

There you have it,  the take away is this, anyone through hard work and perseverance can build the skills to become a DEVELOPER.

RideController iOS7 App

remote start bluetooth

I have been aggressively developing RideController, when not working my awesome day job @ Foliotek Inc. This iOS7 app was first built out as a proof of concept using Android on a HP Touchpad via my previous posts. It has since developed into a full blown iOS7 app and runs using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. I have been aggressively working to get this app complete so I can release it January 2014.

Also for pricing or to pre-order go checkout the product marketing site I built
over at