31 Before 31

Well its 2014 and you know what that means? Its time to MAKE GOALS, and by goals I mean you better be Reaching Farther Than You Think You Can.

I have to admit I haven’t always been the goal setting type of guy. I’d say this didn’t really develop until after I graduated from Mizzou and started working for a few months. I kinda had one of those what now moments. I felt lost and confused. I had done what you were suppose to do, I worked hard I got through and I graduated. Now what or so I thought. Well after spinning around and aimlessly walking in different directions I realized I needed a map, I needed direction, something to point this rocket ship towards,  being the high energy person I am, I was like a nuclear reactor with no controls. If your not moving forward (like everyone says) your prolly moving backwards. That is when I started to make a list of goals for each year, fitness goals, financial goals,  personal goals, and  spiritual goals. Now honestly many times I have failed and yes I failed in 2013 on many fronts, but overall shooting for these things has made me a much better person and pushed me to constantly invest in my mind. The most valuable thing any of us have.

Its 2014 today!! and its time to branch out (I still have many yearly goals and those aren’t complete yet) but this year I want to spice it up a little, I want to project this roadmap into writing, publish it somewhere, I can track, I can look back at and say hey here’s what I wanted to do and here’s what I did. Cannot wait to just live every moment being fully alive getting after this list look out July 30th 2017 I’m gettin after it!

1. Run A Full Marathon (failed in 2013, injury killed progress)

2. Build A Custom Car With Over 750RWHP Dyno Sheet To Prove

3. Stop Drinking Diet Coke (this might be the hardest of them all hahaha) Quit 1/1/2016 – Brazil Trip Helped  – No DK in Brazil haha

4. Pay Of Student Loans

5. Become a better snowboarder 1+ months living near mountains.

6. Never go over 160lbs even with muscle. Currently at 159 2/11/2016

7. Travel To The East Coast (NY NY & DC)

8. Run A Sub 5:10 Mile

9. Swim over a mile.

10. Create, Build, and market a product that people desire and need. (RideController!) Currently has 14.6k Followers On IG 2/11/2016

11. Become a mentor for a young person Church or Boys / Girls Club

12. Auto Cross / Drift a vehicle I have. Build a respectable track beast. Similar to this RX7 Monster (SC300!!)

13. Take my mom and siblings to the beach for a week.

14. Make a piece of art, something decent enough to hang on the wall that I won’t be embarrassed about.

15. Climb Mt Rainier 14,411 feet with an over 9,000 feet of elevation gain. One of the largest most glaciated mountains in North America, often called the foot step to the Himalayan’s.

16. Learn a 2nd Language – Suggestion Spanish (took in High School). Become semi-fluent.

17. Take A Formal Welding Class

18. Reach out professional and built a better community of people and connections in regards to Software Development / Professional Development.

19. Build an additional relationship with someone that bonds over the interest in Automotive Performance, help them with their next automotive endeavor, hopefully their drift – autocross project. DONE – Met Elliot, Justin, Mike & Caleb K.

20. Teach someone to do something, lose weight? How to weld? Do it till the point that they are very proficient!

21. Maintain a blog where you post stuff about your life, fitness, cars, and goals. And how to accomplish them. DONE (www.themiller.me)

22. Build a work remote plan with employer. 70% Home 30% Remote

23. Learn How To Ball Room Dance / Formal Dance. (Tango, Classic, Salsa)

24. Stay Abroad for 30+ Days. Almost Current Max Is 21 Days. 🙁

25. Produce a Short Automotive Related Film that gets 10,000 views on YouTube. Using multiple cameras and or GoPro’s via Gyro Copter.

26. Visit These 5 Major Continents

  • a. South America – Done Winter 1/1/2016
  • b. Europe – Done Fall 2013!
  • c. Africa
  • d. Asia – Fall 2016!!
  • e. Australia

27. Start and or Participate in an Organization to teach Programming skills in 3rd world countries.

  • a. http://www.google.com/loon/
  • b. Hour Of Code

28. Run over 1200+ miles total in 1 Year.

29. Build a friendship with an older respected man, to reflect and learn from in regards to life, business, family, and my faith. Aka Mentor.


31. Visit Yosemite Nation Park and the Grand Canyon.

Cannot even wait to get crackin on these dudes, wait actually I already am haha. Hope everyone has a great 2014!